Mud Bath

Nha Trang

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Mud Bath

Mineral deposits found in the Nha Trang area are believed to have natural curative properties, which can be experienced first-hand at the city's several reputable 'mud spa' centres. Services range from the possibility to, quite literally, bathe in mud, to experiencing a full-on treatment in combination with a massage or other beauty procedures. Spa packages are offered at most centres and are incredibly great value. Some of the best-known spa centres include Thap Ba Hot Springs (with private baths available, as well as waterfalls and thermal pools with both warm and cold water); iResort (another large complex, plus water slides), 100 Egg Mud Bath, and – if you're too short on time to make the trip outside of town to one of the larger complexes – Galina Mud Bath right downtown.

Do & See

Although primarily a resort destination, Nha Trang packs a surprising punch when it comes to pursuits of all kinds, from historic Buddhist temples to modern entertainment such as riding a cable car hovering over Nha Trang Bay on one's way to a fun-filled day at Vinpearl.